Monday, 13 January 2014

How to unlock pattern lock for Micromax A27 Bolt (hard Reset)?

How to unlock pattern lock for Micromax A27 Bolt  (hard Reset)?

Too many pattern lock attempts and all of a sudden you phone lock you out and it becomes inaccessible. The phone request you to enter you gmail account along with the password but even that doesn’t work as you android system locks down all the features like Wifi as well as your mobile data so what do you do next.  You either will have to spend few hundred bucks and get a professional to hard reset your phone or you can follow these simple step by step guide and unlock your Micromax A27 sitting at home without spending a penny.

Here is your guide to hard reset Micromax A27 (Bolt) :
1.       First and foremost charge your mobile battery to 100 percent so that your battery doesn’t let you down midway and get your device bricked.
2.       You can start by downloading the driver and android multi tool to your desktop as you will have to install the drivers for your phone manually.
3.       Now Press the volume down key along with the power button for about 20 to 30 seconds until you see fast boot mode on the screen.
4.       Once the fast boot mode screen appears, connect your phone to your desktop or laptop and install the necessary driver four your phone.
5.       Now open the android multi tool software and input 8. Select the option to factory reset/ wipe data.
6.       It will take awhile for your device to complete the format after which it reboots automatically.
7.       Once you device reboots all you data is erased and your phone is as good as new, ready to be used again.

8.       You will require to enter you gmail account and password again. (so that you can download apps from google Play Store)

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